6' / 185 lbs.
Close rival with Alexander Dasco for having the most knowledge regarding "Project TW (Transversable Wormholes), and how to make "TW-captures" of giant monsters to transport them to A-50 with the device he created called "The Portal".
Grade School: Graduated NYC public schools very early with multiple scholarships & honors.

College: M.I.T. Cambridge, MA. and ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) Zurich, Switzerland among other various institutions.

Too many to mention, but enough to rename him "Dr. Fahrenheit".
Strong-willed, quick-witted, good leadership skills, basically fair-minded, but mostly no-nonsense over-all with a sarcastic sense of humor.
Jewish Parents escaped Nazi Germany and fled to Israel in 1945. They later immigrated to USA and became U.S. citizens in 1952. Followed in his father's footsteps as a dedicated scientist. Recruited to Area 50 in 1976. Became Area 50 Leader in 1986. Recruited Alexander Dasco to A-50 in 1989, who later betrayed him by stealing A-50 secrets in 1994. Dr. Nathan has taken this very personally & is focused on Alexander Dasco's capture and conviction for his past & present treasonous crimes.
6'4" / 250 lbs.
Proudly served 2 terms in US Army. Retired Army Captain.
Korean martial arts expert: Black Belt in both Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do. When armored, he is a virtual, almost unstoppable, one-man-army. Also, super-strong with great speed and agility from a secret Gov't program.
Grade school: Graduated from private schools with honors.

College: Florida Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Earth & Space Sciences, Bachelor of Computer Sciences
Mostly strong-willed / no-nonsense natural born leader, but seasoned with a healthy sense of humor.
Jon is an enigmatic combination of strength, intelligence and integrity who was raised in a middle-class Military family. Highly recommended for his position at A-50 by the U.S. Army. He is the ultimate bodyguard.
5'8" / 126 lbs.
Kaiju communications expert; can directly communicate with King Yeti and Gigante on a highly comprehensive level with both verbal & hand/sign languages... and sometimes telepathically. "Liz" can also project telepathic "thought-bombs" to hostile kaiju that can temporarily paralyze them, and on occasion, render them unconscious. However, this telepathic mind weapon can only be used sparingly, as overuse can result in permanent brain damage to herself. All of her abilities are kept top secret and on a need-to-know only basis. With a Black Belt in Hapkido, she's no pushover.
Grade School: Graduated early from public & private schools with many honors and scholarships.

College: U.C. Berkeley & Harvard School of Zoology.

Doctorate of Zoology
Mostly very pleasant, but her temper occasionally rises.
Liz was personally recruited to A-50 by Dr. Issaac Nathan in 2007, based on her Zoological knowledge & uncanny abilities.
5'10" / 165 lbs.
Total computer geek; can hack into any enemy's system and can literally work miracles through any computer of any platform. Obtained several Black Belts in both Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido: very fast and devastating hands and feet when needed.
Grade school: Graduated early from public & private schools with many honors & scholarships.

College: Carnegie Mellon University, M.I.T. Cambridge, MA, ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) Zurich, SWZ

Doctorate of Computer Sciences (has earned several)
Mostly pleasant & easy-going, but can be obsessive to a fault due to his strong computer background, which can cause tension among other Team AK members. Highly intelligent and perceptive.
At 21, Jeff is the "baby" of the group, a distinction he despises being reminded of. Like Liz, Jeff was also personally recruited by Dr. Nathan from Homeland Security, where he battled the enemies of America via "cyber warfare". Since joining Team A/50, the majority of his efforts involve creating new techniques and improving old methods for tracking, locating, and capturing giant monsters through Dr. Nathan's "Portal".